Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sewing Club Withstands the Test of Time... And other stuff

It's been awhile since I wrote down our Nielsen happenings. Here's the long version on what we've been up to.
Scarlet finished her first puzzle! With the help of dad. Puzzles would be so much better if they didn't come with so many pieces to clean up....

Mother's Day happened! Jon, being the truly sentimental type, bought me my favorite kind of cake and inscribed it with a heart-felt message.

Yes, that man of mine, always the romantic.

And according to the pictures on my computer, that is all we did. Our small car trips to Utah and California will have to wait until I can borrow some pictures from people who actually like their children enough to document their trips.

Ok, back to the main post topic.

I have a ton of good ideas of all the amazing things I should be doing to improve my life and the lives around me. Well, honestly, they are not all good ideas and 99.9% of them stop mid-thought and never see the light of day.

Sewing Club is a different story. The organization that began almost one year ago is still going strong every Thursday. Some of our members have come and gone. We've made many new friends along the way, but Sewing Club has officially become one of those great things I will look back on and just smile every time I remember all of the chaos and craftiness.

Everyone has kind of gotten in their own routine. It takes very little planning on my part anymore. Someone is almost always working on something, raiding the fabric closet, or taking the week off and just enjoying some girl chat time.

And, with that said, here is a sampling of some of my more recent creations.

I tackled one more mens-shirt-into-toddler-dress creation.

I have mostly been working on my mending. The pile of stuff that I kept meaning to fix was teetering precariously and I figured I should fix the things I have before I make new stuff. So, in the middle of all the button sewing and hem mending, I cut off two pairs of pants I wasn't using to make some summer wear.

Now what do you do with khaki and white leg bottoms? Why not make a skirt?

I have made this same skirt a couple of times with other fabrics and I love it. It is the easiest, so darn cute, and I love that they have a constant little poof to them.

I then tackled my most difficult project to date. Something for myself.

It started out as a wrap skirt but I just wasn't liking how it fit. It ended up involving two different patterns pasted together. It took way more effort that I am used to putting into things but I am pretty proud of it.
This picture not only give you a nice side shot of the dress but also proudly displays my Topsy Turvy tomato grower that is producing one very real tomato bush. No tomatoes yet, but one can dream!

And, this little ditty I finished just last Thursday. My baking buddy needed something to keep her dresses from getting messy.

I made aprons for my mom and sister, Kristy, around Christmastime. So, counting Scarlet's, that is three cute aprons made... and none of them were for me. One more apron may soon be in the works.

Hmm... might need to make that two aprons.

What mother could deny that face? The kid definitely knows what attire is required to score first dibs on the cookie dough spoon.

No decision yet on what is next in our sewing schedule, though rumors of wood working have been circulating... stay tuned.


angie said...

I hate that you are so talented...really hate it. hahaha.

Myca said...

The dress is so adorable...oh and so is Rhode's face!! So cute.

Gui said...

I love how the dress turned out, I never saw the final project. Also, I love love sewing group. I now have to factor in the gas to our monthly budget. HA. I wish you were in town this week, but alas I'll be there next week.

Kristy said...

Love Rhode in the dress, let's just hope he doesn't pull a Bryan and become fascinated with a Little Mermaid purse.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

I am super impressed! If only I was crafty! oh well. :)

s + k = z said...

Love the Mothers Day gift! Did we not email you the photos of CA? Let me know if you want me to send them to you. It was really good seeing you!

Stacie said...

Aahh, I love sewing club!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

How cute!! And way to go on something awesome you can actually wear!! I just still to straight edges to sew!!

Princesses said...

Oh my goodness Kacey I'm so jealous you're so talented! That dress you made yourself is GORGEOUS! Haha i love your blog! It's so funny people should have to pay for this stuff....

Kacey Nielsen said...

Kacey - you are my idol!

Kacey Nielsen said...

It's pretty sad if you have to resort to complimenting yourself on your blog! Geesh Kacey!!

Love, Mom