Sunday, March 21, 2010

Five... No Make That Seven Hair Cuts Later

Scarlet was not blessed/cursed with the copious amounts of hair her mom came into the world with. It has been a slow process for her whole head of hair to finally make an appearance and then grow. While in the waiting process, I never really felt the need to cut the little hair she had. Which is why Scarlet is just now getting her first full hair cut.

And, let me tell you, it was definitely time.

One week, bald. The next week, hair to her shoulder blades. Ponytails only last until nap time and we all know how fun combing out a ratty mess of long kid hair can be. Scarlet and I were both ready for her summer 'do.

I made an appointment with a lady in the ward who has a little salon down the street. I was actually pretty excited about the occasion, such a fun moment for mother and daughter. That was until dad ruined everything.

My husband has many strong opinions about pretty much everything. Even after five years of knowing that, he still catches me completely off guard all the time with opinions on issues I really didn't think any man gave even a passing thought.

"Three year old don't need to go to a salon. That is something you only get to do when you're like a teenager." He announced three days before the upcoming haircut.

They don't? Well then who cuts their hair?

"I do," he informed me. "I know how to cut hair."


Haircut #1 - So, the next day, Jon pulled out the large, orange handled office scissors and asked me to wet down Scarlet's hair.
The garbage bag was her idea. She really didn't like the idea of any hair touching her.

Now, Jon blames it on the timing. He only had about 20 minutes to complete his creation before he had to jet off to mutual. But, honestly, it was never at any point headed in a good direction.

I asked for a nice, simple bob. He decided to start the front layer at the length of her bangs. So already my chin length style started at about mouth level. He then proceeded at a down angle from there. When he finally ran out the door, we had two straight lines from mouth to ear and then a lovely U shape in the back.

Really, just awesome.

Haircut #2 - I took over with my non existent hair cutting skills and tried to salvage as best as possible. It was not very good. But, it was pretty straight, did not resemble a mullet in any shape or form, and would hopefully grow out quickly.

At least it was done... or so I naively assumed.

Haircut #3 - Ignoring all warnings, threats, and common sense, Scarlet decided to take a whack at the whole hair cutting frenzy.

You can imagine I wasn't the happiest mother on the planet. But, she did manage to keep the damage to the less conspicuous back of her head. And really, it was my fault. I'm sure she couldn't help but think, if dad can be allowed to take a whack at my hair, it must be open season to anyone with a pair of scissors!

Haircut #4 - I never had gotten around to cancelling that salon appointment so Scarlet and I headed in that afternoon to survey the damage. A quick moment of gratitude to all trained hair cutting professionals. Please, keep us forever from attempting our own hair cuts and continue to save us from total humiliation when we do.
She really did like the hair. I had just informed her it was nap time after we took pictures. Turns out it is impossible to smile when sleep is coming shortly.

Haircut #5 - Rhode also got a new summer hairdo. Jon handled this one as well. One haircut, ten minutes, no problem. Boys really are easier.

I meant to take a better picture than this. He had just taken a major dirt face plant off the slide. It was too funny not to document. So, if you can manage to look past the dirt and snot face, you can admire his little boy buzz.

I really thought this would be the end of the blog entry. I HOPED this would be the end of the blog entry. Sadly, we still have two haircuts to go.

Haircut #6 - Scarlet is going through a boundary testing phase at the moment. While under the ruse of going to play outside, she slyly stashed a pair of scissors out with her. My friend Cynthia walked out to check on her own daughter to catch Scarlet holding something behind her hands and sporting a very guilty face.

Then she saw the hair.

I came downstairs hearing, "Kacey, you might want to get down here. Scarlet has something to show you and you won't be happy about it."

Haircut #7 - I trimmed up the thrashed clumps of hair poking down from the front of her hair and we ended up with this.
While curling her hair for church I realized just how many lengths of hair she actually has going on right now. It's going to be a long time before Scarlet gets the long hair she was hoping to achieve with her last cut.

She is now fully aware that any further haircuts will lead mom to allow dad to cut her hair again... Rhode style.

On the bright side, it will probably be ANOTHER three years before it grows out long enough to have to cut it again.

Hmm, three years is suddenly not sounding long enough.


angie said...

Oh my goodness Kacey!!! Hair trauma. It ended up pretty cute though, so good for you!

Kristy said...

Oh man, that's funny. Good thing she only chopped a bit off and didn't pull a Mrs. Bigglesworth like Becky's kid Mckenna did that one time.

The Petersens said...

Dang.......why did she cut bangs!?! Let's just hope she is done cutting hair! I guess you could always lock up all cutting tools.
My cousin used to cute her own hair eight before family pictures, never fail. She had some really short pixie cuts because of it.

Kristi H. said...

Oh goodness Kacey, this is hilarious!!!

ashleyboice said...

I am going through the same thing but with my own hair. After fixing and fixing my hair is much worse then it was after the original bad hair cut...I should have just left it I too will probably have to wait 3 years before I get another haircut. (3 years and a lot of ponytails)

Scarlet looked pretty cute after every haircut though.

Gui said...

Kacey, Wow. I agree with Ashley, she does look very cute. I have to admit, when I first saw the little girl in the pok-a-dot dress, I thought Scarlet had cut another girl's hair. It took me a second to recognize her. I hope, for your sake and her's, that you don't have to get the clippers out again for the before mentioned 'Rhode 'do'. LOL

Peggy Dee said...

Wow! That's a lot of haircuts. The worse thing is when your kid cuts someone else's hair! So be thankful. I don't think you guys ever did that but Kristy put gum in Camry Passey's hair and they finally had to cut it out. That was embarrassing. Scarlet looks adorable!

mptanner said...

I love the new haircut!

Portia, Jake, Conner, & Jaden said...

wow you and hair problems lol!!!But hey she looks darling so its all good!!! I love it! i WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD EMAIL ME YOUR EMAIL LOL! I put my blog on private and you were one of the few I didnt have email of or fb to track ya down thanks hun hugs! Hope all is well!