Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Retro Birthday

Today, the 13th of December, is my 26th birthday. Yes, yes thank you. Let me just tell you about my weekend. I have done more birthday celebrating in the past two days than I have done since I was 13. It has been so fun. A lot of effort for a pretty insignificant birthday milestone but hey, why not? It all started Friday night...

When the person you spend the most time with (other than your husband, no wait, that's a close one) has a birthday one day before you, it just makes too much sense to combine efforts. And really, we just wanted an excuse to throw an 80's party. Any excuse we could create. So, we rationalized. I threw her an 80's party and she just happened to throw me one on the same day. Funny how coincidental life can be.

We have been theoretically planning the party since August, but only actually made the physical preparations in about a week. Of course, when you are fighting the schedule of a million Christmas parties of all varieties, we weren't expecting a big turnout. Luckily, the best of the best, yes, the creme de la creme turned out for the occasion in their 80's finest.

As our fabulous couples walked through the door, they got their pictures taken in front of our fabulous backdrop. They were instructed to look as awkward and uncomfortable as possible.

My friend, Cynthia (picture with husband, Tim) looked exactly like Deb from Napolean Dynamite.

The other birthday girl, Ashley and her husband, Adam. Adam accidentally left his mullet behind that evening. Scarlet picked it up the next morning and said, "pretty!" and put it around her neck. The truly scary part was, it matched her hair color EXACTLY!

Dale and Mindy nailed the prom picture pose. Dale even managed to throw in his "seduce the camera" face.
Julie and Patrick skipped the awkward prom moments and went straight for fabulous.

Bre and Derek were immediately classified as the "popular" 80's kids. They looked wwaayy too good!

Lexi was one of the only babies that got to make an appearance at the party. But serious, with matching mom and daughter workout clothes with "California Raisin" shirts? It is just impossible to resist.
And, my worst nightmare come true.

Jon made me stand on a stool. What a cruel thing to do to a tall girl in heels! Jon went for a karate kid 80's look. That included a cut up polo with a flipped up collar, a cobra kai headband, some of the tightest light wash jeans I could find, and an Uncle Rico 'stache. I know what you are all thinking, but he's mine ladies.

The boys spent the evening reliving their garage band days.

While the girls made sure the food and talking was well tended to.

No 80's party is complete without some rockin' tunes. Dancing inevitably insued.

I had to take this picture of Mindy because she looked exactly like the girl in the 80's movie that they flash to who hasn't been asked to dance. We call it "the wallflower pose".

And when you are dressed this fabulously, photo shoots inevitably ensue.

I had some serious Molly Ringwald/Jennifer Grey hair going on all evening. I stuck my hair in six or seven french braids the night before. Jon saw me in my braided wonder when he came back in town the next morning and complimented my look. He then asked me if I was planning on going to the party as one of the Cosby daughters. We got to have an indepth discussion on the true art of hair crimping.
Angie came stag to our party. Her husband got caught by the football coach smokin behind the bleachers and was kicked out of prom.

Yeah, not really. Jon made me put that just for you Nick!
Not 80's but fabulous nontheless. Brittany swung by after a Christmas work party so we will forgive her for her fashion forward threads.
Julie rockin the side ponytail.

My decor of the evening also included a wall of 80's movie quotes. I made a few obvious for the less knowledgable of our group. Jon got the most by far. How many do you know?

1 - "We have clearance, Clarance." "Roger, roger. What's your vector, Victor?"
2 - "Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
3 - "You'll shoot your eye out, kid"
4 - "Who is Joan of Arc?" "Noah's wife"
5 - "Hmmm, looks like a gelfling, smells like a gelfling. Maybe you are a gelfling."
6 - "Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries. I fart in your general direction"
7 - "I make it a rule not to get involved with posessed people. It's actually more of a guideline than a rule"
8 - "Why don't you make like a tree and leave?"
9 - "You're not dying, you just can't think of anything good to do"
10 - "Nobody leaves here without singing the blues."
11 - "Hey you guys!"
12 - "I can't believe my grandmother felt me up!"

Oh good times.

The next day, Ashley and I got to have some girl time. We went out to breakfast, shopped a little and went to an early showing of "New Moon". I haven't been to the movies in a really long time. My husband and kids then took me out to dinner that night.

So birthday mode is officially over and Christmas mode has begun. This really is the most wonderful time of the year.


Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

OH my goodness that sounds so so fun! I love the pictures and You and Jon (ofcourse) rocked the outfits. The stool is too funny. Oh Goodness. Got to love it! Happy Birthday!

Kristy said...

Best party ever. Jealous. I was expecting to see "Parking spot up front, that's a good omen" on the quote wall.

Katie said...

Happy birthday!!!

Gui said...

It was rockin'. I am so psyched I got to go.

Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like an awesome party

Myca said...

OH how I wish I could have been there and ratted the crap out of my curly hair!! I thought of you today...happy birthday! Love you!

Peggy Dee said...

What a fun party! I even knew a few of the quotes. Happy birthday!!

Samantha said...

I saw the date last night and realized it was your birthday today. Even before you posted about it! (go me right?) HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I'm glad you had fun.

angie said...

yeah i kind of rocked the movie quotes...yeah me.

that party look amazing!

you looked fabulous!

karisadarling said...

SO fun! I am loving all the photos! Sad Scott & I live so far way, we would have loved to party with you guys!


You have the same Birthday a my little brother Kale. I love people born that day :)

Stacie said...

Yep, I officially missed out! You guys ROCK!!

Earl Family said...

Happy birthday!

christina said...

first off...happy birthday! amazing.

third...depressed we couldn't be there. me your address so I can send you a christmas card.

Campbell Family said...

Hey girl! Can you email me your address?