Sunday, November 8, 2009

Disaster Around Every Corner

Oh what a day was last Thursday. Oh. What. A. Day. It started off so well. We had another great sewing club get together. Afterwards, my good friend Mindi stuck around with her daughter, Jane. Mindi is an exceptionally talented artist and is doing two murals in my house. I am very excited about both of them. More on those later...

While Mindi and I worked upstairs (she will laugh when she reads that, she did absolutely all the work while I sat on my duff and kept her company) the girls played outside. I started to hear the water running, so I went to investigate. I found this.

And I found this.

They had been playing in the dirt, which included filling one of Scarlet's many purses with dirt, then decided to come inside to clean up. There was hand soap everywhere, including a lot in Jane's hair.

The girls were reprimanded, they then cleaned up their mess and were sent back outside. Mindi and I returned to our work. We could hear them from my room but after a few minutes, we realized we couldn't hear them jabbering anymore. I went back downstairs to investigate.
They weren't in Scarlet room.... they weren't anywhere in the downstairs........ they weren't in the backyard........ I flung the front door open and was just about to go dashing down the walk when my neighbors walked up with a two year old on each hand.
Scarlet, Jane, and their 'baby' in the stroller had decided to go for a little walk, Scarlet informed me. They were about four houses down the street when my neighbors spotted them.
More reprimanding, which included big frantic lectures on the danger of going on walks without mom and both girls were sent to individual rooms to think about their behavior.
Mindi and I then headed downstairs to get a glass of water before returning back to work. We chatted for a minute with Cynthia, who had stopped by. Then Mindi remembered she hadn't put her paint away and headed upstairs before it dried out. Very shortly after I hear a very ominous, 'Kacey, you'd better get up here....' Then I heard Scarlet start to bawl.

She also painted on her face like lipstick. When I reached my room, she was hysterically in tears. The two year old realization that she was in serious trouble.
I had no words, no idea as to what to say that hadn't already been said twice in the past hour. So, I just gave her a big hug while her body shook and enormous tears slid down her cheeks. Once she calmed down a bit, she was sent back into her room while I tried to figure out what to do.
Once I calmed a bit and reminded myself many times that she was two and, even though she knows better, she also really doesn't. How can you be too mad at a girl who tries to clean up when she gets dirty? Or pretends she is just like mom and takes her baby on a walk in the stroller just like mom does? Or sees mom and Mindi painting and thinks, I can make this wall pretty too? Don't get me wrong, I was still mad. Just not too mad.
Her final punishment was this. I came into her room with garbage bags and she helped me load them with her toys until her room was clear. When dad got home, they had a serious chat and Scarlet paid dad back for all the extra work he would have to do to fix the wall with all her Halloween candy. She didn't watch any shows this weekend, instead she earned quarters to help her pay back Mindi for the work she ruined.
She has done really well. Whenever she asked to watch a show or get her toys, I reminded her why I had them and she was ok with it and didn't ask again. I am really proud of how well she has handled herself and her punishments since.
Now onto much happier notes.
Rhode is cracking me up. He has finally found something to entertain himself with that does not involve hanging out in my general vicinity. He plays fetch... with himself.
The wind up..
The pitch..

The fetch..

Ta da!

Get him a ball and an empty space and he plays for a very long time, laughing and crawling as fast as he can.
To continue on the good news streak, some friends and I got together to de-crap our homes and had a garage sale. I made $120 and I have room in both storage areas of my house. Now that is satisfying.


Gui said...

I second, 'What a day!' Let me tell you I learned my lesson again. There are many thing that short afternoon I could have done differently. Next time will be better-it has to be. :D

Katie said...

Wow. What a day for you! I can't wait to see pictures of the finished murals. I am really impressed with your parenting, Kacey. You are such an amazing mom!

Peggy Dee said...

No wonder you haven't had time to call me! You gotta love being a mom. The best job in the whole world?

Kristy said...

Oh no, did all of this happen while I was talking to you on the phone? I know Mindi was over then.

The Petersens said...

I miss you guys! I won't be at sewing club this week because my Mom leaves the next day :( I am proud of you keeping it together. Good Mom points to you!!!

Stacie said...

That is one seriously for the record books!

The fact you are still sane proves how awesome you are. Go, mama, go!

angie said...

i am just flabbergasted...and so impressed on how you handled it. wow!