Sunday, September 6, 2009

Do You Want the Bad News or the Good News?

Let's start with the bad news. I drive an Acura RL. I love my car. It is my favorite color red and I have never once had any trouble with my engine, transmission, or any of those other big car words that make your car stop moving.

The problem is my car hates Las Vegas. It is slowly melting. Almost all of the trim on the inside and outside, especially the rubber around the doors, has come off. The battery goes completely bad on me every year or so, and the absolute worst part, the sun somehow murders my windows.

My back two windows died about 2 years ago. They rolled down one day and never came back. It took $500 a piece to replace them. I had almost recovered from the tragedy when I heard the familiar jamming sound on my window as I rolled it down at the ATM on Friday. And down the window went, deep into the cavernous door, never to see the light of day again.

What is worse than your driver side window permanently in the down position? Having it happen on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. I get to drive it all over anyway and just pray my quarters and car seats (and the car) are still there when I get out. I went to lock it at the store yesterday and realized that was just about as pointless as they come.

So then Friday evening I was sitting at my computer when the wind started to pick up. Then the clouds rolled in and before I knew it, the rains came down. It was a classic LV monsoon but this one came with a kick. It was hitting our roof so hard I would have sworn it was hail coming down. Nope, just the most enormous water droplets ever created.

Don't you love how cameras do nothing to capture a torrential downpour? Here is my backyard that was pretty parched looking 3 minutes previous.

It was a whole lotta water. Now since you are the ones reading the story, I bet you have put the two events together. I had yet to do so. I was actually on the phone talking about how amazing the storm really was when it finally hit me, my car was now filling with water through my gaping window hole.

I ran outside, armed with a towel and was instantly drenched. I threw the towel over the window and ran inside to think of a better idea than the now dripping in my car towel. Thank goodness for friends who think quick on their feet... and leave crap at my house. Ashley remembered she had left a vinyl tablecloth at my house months ago. I located it, tore it open, made the mad dash back outside and saved my seat.

Now I just have to bite the bullet, spend a few hours at the dealer, shell out a small fortune, and get the dang thing fixed.

On to the good news... Rhode's first haircut!

It is amazing how hard it really is to cut off those little baby locks. As many of you noticed in my previous post, his hair was getting a bit long. (By the way, that was the wind, I did not porcupine spike my child's hair for church). It was so bad I found myself frequently tucking hair behind his ear. So before church, we trimmed him up a bit.

I spiked it up so the trimmers would catch it better but you can see how long it was.

A few moments of screaming, wiggling, and wailing and, before I knew it, my baby became my little boy.

I really do think he is exceptionally good looking. Both of them actually.


Peggy Dee said...

Rhode looks so cute! Any steps yet? So sorry about the window. That poor Acura gets pounded by the elements non stop. What a downpour! Love you!

Lori said...

You may want to consider getting out of that Las Vegas heat, somewhere with a more moderate climate, I don't know, somewhere like Moses Lake? haha....

Kristy said...

I love Rhode. That sucks about your car, I sure did laugh pretty hard at work reading about it though.

Cassidy said...

You know that Jon can look up how to fix the window and do it himself, right? Bo has fixed ours 3 times already. It never dawned on me it was the heat that did it. Our car has the same problems! Anyways, like I said, you can look up instructions on how to do it yourself, and you can order your own parts off the internet. Our part cost us like $60, and mix that with our own labor, and we saved a bunch. Its just a suggestion though. Sorry chica.

Tyler - Danielle - Emree said...

Rhode does look adorable. I love the hair cut. I am sorry about the car. That is the worse.

Stacie said...

He is such a cutie!

I can picture you running outside in the awful torrent of rain to save your car seat. I'm TRYING not to laugh... :)

Samantha said...

Cassidy's comment made me laugh because Jon could TOTALLY do that, but if she ever suggested that to me I'd have to just laugh because we aren't the handiest people around... And isn't it so crazy how a little hair cut turns your baby into a little man? So handsome.

Angie Larkin said...

I concur. Is that how you spell concur? Anyway, I have a long love affair with my ghetto car too. It is reliable as can be and is paid off! :) True, there are cracks on the windshield, missing pieces of trim, the bumper is held on with bailing wire and the locks don't work...but eh...who cares? Ain't no shame in it! I miss your back yard. And I'm sending a little sigh your way for cutting off the baby locks.

Brittany & Ryan Petersen said...

I am so sorry for your car problems!!! Yay for cute little Rhode!

The Cattelain Family said...

Rhode is adorable! Sorry about your bad news...and I'm really sorry that your bad news made me laugh - hard.