Sunday, May 17, 2009

We'll Call Her... Quirky

Some new things about Scarlet -

It took her a few months but Scarlet has finally discovered the joy of dressing up. My mom bought her a tinkerbell dress (or pink-o-ball according to Scarlet, she is going through a big tinkerbell loving phase) and a leotard with connecting tutu. She now asks me several times a day to help her wiggle into them.

A friend was mocking me for keeping her clothes on for dress up time, and the mocking was probably deserved. But I just keep thinking of all the years I have ahead of clothes strewn around the house when children learn to play dress up on their own and I figure the more time I can get out of this look, the better.

We were in Utah last weekend to film the Today's Generation dance competition at Lagoon. Scarlet had an absolutely wonderful time riding all the rides. The best part was she is already over 36" so there were a huge group of rides she was allowed to go on. She was the only kid still in diapers in a few of the lines. I could see a few parent's looks as she bent over to pick something up. The look that says 'you haven't potty trained your 4 year old yet?" as I retort back silently, 'she's two, and we're working on it, thank you."

While we were there we were able to meet up with Jon's parents. We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving and my mother in law has been storing up gifts for us from every holiday.
Scarlet got gifts for Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and her birthday which included several books, tons of cute hair bows, an ice skating Minnie mouse and a fun train set.

Now our only problem is we can't seem to convince her that maybe we shouldn't wear the Santa hat outside on a 100 degree day in May.

'But mom, when my head gets too hot, I've got these handy dandy sprinklers in the backyard that cool me down nice and quick!'

Yeah, that's normal.
I got a new set of pots for my kitchen and some new cooking utencils for Christmas plus some new dish towels for my birthday. They are all MUCH needed items!
Jon got a karaoke machine for Christmas. Oh my goodness I can't get him to do anything all day long. He rushes home from work, plugs in the mic, and serenades us with the hits of the 70's and 80's all day long. Ha ha ha, I can't even keep a straight face as I write that! Ok, it hasn't made its way out of the box yet, but I know deep down inside he is waiting for some house time all to himself so he can belt a few tunes.
More on Rhode coming soon...


Peggy Dee said...

I love Quirky or Scarlet or whatever you want to call her! She is too fun and we miss her. What a hoot! I think Belen is going to die if she doesn't get to see your kids before she leaves.

Kristy said...

Hey there is nothing wrong with Scarlet wearing hats. Of course I would prefer it were a sailor hat, but I guess Santa works.

Stacie said...

What a smart girl to cool herself down like that!

Mr. Nielson, I hope to hear you serenade your YM soon:)

Cali said...

I had the same issues with Ty, everyone always looking at me strange, because he had a pacifier and was so tall. Also, we went to disneyworld when he was two and he even went on tower of terror. It was so funny.