Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mothers Day... To Me!

I had such a great Mother's Day. My first true Mother's Day was last year when Scarlet was about 2 months old. But she had just gotten the stomach flu and passed it along to Jon so it was a day of throw-up for me! I didn't even get to go to church to hand out whatever random thing they were passing out. I remember in ML's first ward every year the mothers would get a flower and then the fathers (on Father's Day) would get a giant cookie! Uh, can I call for a trade on that one? I really believe the present pickers are underestimating the women's love for a good treat.

Jon wanted to make me a special breakfast, but I really only like cereal for breakfast so instead I got to eat in bed. We had great church meetings and I got a cute little church book (one I already own but it is really cute... who can have too many cute little books?!) But really probably the best present of the day was that the primary president said I could take Scarlet to nursery. How awesome is that?!

I kept her during Sunday School because she usually takes a nap. She didn't, so right before it ended, I took her over. Unfortunately they had moved on from toy playing to coloring which she isn't super into yet so I was a little concerned but she seemed fine. Then like 3 minutes later, one of the moms told me Scarlet was having a hard time in there so I flipped out and went to check on her. She was playing and smiling... with a cookie in hand. Food fixes everything for that child.

After we got home, Jon handled lunch and nap while I laid out on our brand new hammock with a book. It was heavenly. Don't we have a great backyard for a hammock?

It's not a great picture of Scarlet's dress but it was exceptionally adorable and poofy. She was a little uncomfortable in it but I decided she would wear it as her present to me! Yup, I am officially a big fan of Mother's Day.


Karisa said...

Scarlet looks adorable in her little dress! I’m glad you had a good day & I am with you all the way on the rethinking of the flower giving in sacrament.

Tiffany Fackrell said...

I agree that you have the perfect backyard for a hammock. I would just settle for a backyard! And I love poofy dresses on little girls. Scarlet looks adorable!

Samantha & Tyrel Ross said...

I agree with the treat instead of the flower also, which my mom and sister's wards caught onto, because they both got big chocolate bars for mother's day. I am glad you had a great mother's day!! I also agree that mother'day is a wonderful holiday. I am no problem's with it whatsoever!! If gives you an excuse to be selfish without have to ask for it!!