Sunday, September 30, 2007

I hate coming up with titles

All is as usual in the Nielsen home. Jon just left again, hopefully not for the whole week this time. I'm really not sure how he can be away from me so often. I must not be as hot as I think I am... Nah that can't be it.

Scarlet is getting rounder by the second. Someone actually asked me in church where my child's beer belly came from... and he wasn't far from the mark. She has always been a chunker, but I swear her belly has doubled in size in like the last 2 weeks! Maybe that means she has a big growth spurt coming... or maybe she just likes food.

Her first tooth broke through the other day, pretty painlessly too. I didn't even notice any behavior change, I just reached in her mouth the other day and suddenly felt the start of a tooth!

Of course reaching inside my baby's mouth has become a very frequent thing. She puts everything in her mouth. The other day I picked her up from playing on the ground and put her in her chair for lunch. She is a really good eater (I guess the belly shouldn't shock me that much) but this time she kept spitting the food back at me. Finally, I thought I saw something in her mouth so I fished around a little and found a 4 inch piece of ribbon she must have dug up somewhere just sitting in there. Lucky for me she doesn't seem interested in swallowing things like that yet, just letting them soak in her mouth for awhile.

Nothing new with my dad. The news is being really harsh, not only harsh but wrong. It's really really frustrating. But we just keep praying and hope for the best!
Oh and I keep meaning to post these pictures and I keep forgetting. Jon's hair had gotten really long and instead of cutting it, he cut himself a mohawk for a day or two. And since Scarlet's hair is pretty much growing into a mohawk, we took some matching hair daddy daughter pictures! Trashy, I know but I still think they're cute.


Krystin said...

ohhhh adorable pictures... your baby is beautiful!

Angie said...

those pictures are soooooooo cute!

Samantha and Tyrel Ross said...

Those are some pretty funny pics!! Don't worry Cooper won't break your daughter's hearts, if we stay in Colorado and you stay in the City. Don't love finding things in their mouth!! I wish Cooper could get some of Scarlet's chunkiness my dr today said I need to feed him more and higher calorie foods!!

Cassidy said...

Carter was a chunk too. I had tons of people coming to me and saying, wow you must be nursing just with the cream. har har. I hated the jokes, but was SOOO glad he was healthy. I'd so rather him be chunky then skinny. Mom said the press was being horrible. At least people are recognizing that too. It's sad how biased the news can be. Cute pics.